"There's something out there...."

Corey Hard

"We just had the best day, big fish and blue water"

Ed Byrne

"That fish just went absolutely crazy"

Jason Klaas

"It's a very big girl and definitely green..."


"She runs dry and soft.  Askari is a special boat"

Corey Hard

"Elephants eat jellybeans!"


"We're not here to $%#! Spiders"



The HARDCORE Fishing Team

We are not here to %$# spiders as they say.  As a fishing team they are fun, insightful, experienced and successful.  Not only are they experts in raising the "Big Girls" off Cairns for their clients.  They are allround fisherman and enjoy the pursuit of Red Emperor, Coral Trout, jigging for Dogtooth Tuna, Light Tackle Billfishing and Barramundi expeditions outside the main seasons. 

The team have caught multiple 1200lb+ Black Marlin off Cairns for their clients and were the champion team at the prestigous Cairns Black Marlin 40th Anniversary Tournament. 

Combine this team with awe inspiring Assegai 55 'Askari' and you can go anywhere, catch anything and fulfill that dream. 

Corey Hard - Captain


Experience: 14 Cairns, 1 season Kona.

Qualifications: Master Class 5. Marine Engine Driver (Motor) Grade 2.

Corey grew up fishing the reefs surrounding Bouganville Island, P.N.G.  On returning to Sydney, Australia at age 10, Corey continued his passion for fishing from his "tinnie" around Sydney. As well as this, he also begun working with Ian Miller & Cris Hall on the Cintra II.

At 24 years of age Corey headed north to pursue his dream of catching giant Black Marlin out of Cairns.  He gained valuable commercial experience on  prawn trawlers, longliners and Mackerel fishing before getting a start as game boat deckhand.  The next five years were spent on great boats  such as 'Kananhoee', 'Desperado', 'Sea Baby' and 'Viking II'.

On achieving his Masters Certificate, Corey Captained 'Desperado', 'Inya Dreams', 'Iona" and was winning Captain on 'Mauna Kea' in the Cairns Black Marlin 40th Anniversay Tournament before achieving his dream of skippering the Assegai 55 custom 'Askari' in 2009. 

Over the span of his career, Corey has achieved many tournament victories. In 2000 Corey fished the season in Kona on the five star, a 43 ft Merrit captained by Carlton Tuniamor. Together, they tallied an amazing 67 Blues with three tournament wins & two runner up places. 

During his time marlin fishing Corey has caught and weighed many 1000 pound marlin. As captain, Corey once weighed two 1000 pound marlins within two days of each other. The first was a 1086 pounder and the second, an enormous 1261 pounder that he caught with long time friend and client Dave Keineth. As crew, Corey was involved in catching the 4th heaviest marlin ever caught in Australian history, that particular marlin weighed 1389 pounds. Along with this achievement he also has two world records on fly. After devoting his life to game fishing, Corey has both pride and passion for the Australian fishing industry.

With the one of the longest serving and most experienced crews working the reef today, the 'Hardcore' team offer you the greatest chance of catching your dream fish and guarantee you an amazing time and an experience you will never forget. 

Daniel Klein (Kleiny)

Experience – Cairns Heavy Tackle since 2008, Kona 1 season

Qualifications – Marine Mechanic, Coxswain, Marine Engine Driver Class 1

Kleiny completed his trade course as a Marine Mechanic and in 2003 and then followed his dream to have a career in the game fishing industry, having spent his early years as a junior member of Sydney Game Fishing Club on his father’s boat fishing the east coast of New South Wales from Port Stephens to Bermagui, fishing was his passion.

His early experience included 4 years at Weipa, a season at Kona and a further season in New Zealand. In 2008 he headed to Cairns for his first season of heavy tackle Marlin fishing where he quickly gained a reputation as a “gun deckie’.

As a crew man Kleiny has been involved in several tournament victories including Lizard Island, Port Stephens Shootout and Interclub and numerous Australian Records and a World Record

In 2011 Kleiny joined the Hardcore Team aboard ASKARI for the start of the heavy tackle season and has proved to be an integral part of the team – whether fishing for Barramundi or Giant Black Marlin he delights in assisting our clients in their endeavour to catch the fish of a lifetime.

As Kleiny says “After my first Cairns Giant Black Marlin Season in 2008 I promised myself that I would never miss another Cairns heavy tackle season and being onboard ASKARI makes it even more special”

Rhys Younan-Wise (Rhysy)

Experience – Game Fishing NSW Coast and Cairns since 2004

Qualifications – Coxwain,  Builder. Currently Studying for Master 5 and MED 2

Rhysy grew up on the north coast of New South Wales and from a very young age fished at every opportunity. He was fortunate to have an Uncle that owned a game boat who loved to follow the bite along the east coast each year.

Having so much experience in game fishing at an early age he left school in 2004 to work on a local charter boat and immediately knew that this was his dream job and he has since been fortunate to work out of the best gamefishing ports on the east coast of Australia.

Rhysy joined the Hardcore  Team  at the start of the 2011 heavy tackle season and has also been an integral part of the team ever since. His skill and enthusiasm has been a great asset in contributing to the success and enjoyment of our guests.

As Rhysy says “Cairns Marlin fishing is what I love most of all. Waking up in the morning out on the Great Barrier Reef, watching the sunrise, and not knowing what the day could bring, is pretty bloody cool!”

Captain:        Corey Hard +61 (0)433 747 413
Enquiries:     Colin Hard

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