"Elephants eat jellybeans!"


"We're not here to $%#! Spiders"


"We just had the best day, big fish and blue water"

Ed Byrne

"That fish just went absolutely crazy"

Jason Klaas

"She runs dry and soft.  Askari is a special boat"

Corey Hard

"There's something out there...."

Corey Hard

"It's a very big girl and definitely green..."

19 Oct 2019

The final clip from our fourteen day charter with Sea Baby IV, Dreamin' On and mother ship, The Emerald Lady. This is a four minute compilation of the entire trip.

8 Jun 2014

Here is a great shot of a Big and Angry Black Marlin during the tournament....Full reverse, water over the transom, decky on the wire.....nothing finer.

19 Mar 2014

Askari is staying up north this year.  So for April & May we have organised Extreme Fishing Expeditions based out of Lockhart River which is about 1.5 hours flying time north of Cairns. 

While we'll be concentrating on Barramundi fishing we will be doing a bit of everything – exploring, island hopping, beach barbecues, crabbing etc. as well as all different types of fishing.  Each trip would be tailored to the client’s preferences and will be an unforgettable experience in wild Cape York country. 

Good tides are still available for 5 – 7 day charters for a maximum of 6 anglers (Fishing 3 per Dory with a guide). Total rate is $3600 per day all inclusive except for alcohol. Flights from Cairns to Lockhart River are approximately $500 per person each way and are not included in the daily rate.

Please contact us of you are interested enquiries@hardcoregamefishing.com.au or phone Corey 0433 747 413

10 Oct 2013

Well, we ended up on top for this super tournament.  With 16 tags with 3 Black Marlin estimated over 900lbs and one thumper at 1100lbs est. It was a great result for the team, and everyone involved.  Its a warm feeling getting a major tournament win.  This is the most tags set for quite some time.  Well done Ray Camilleri for 11 tags and champion male angler prize.  Its been an exceptional year for the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic with lots a fish around and some really big mama's too.  I hope to get some pics up soon. 

For the tournament results follow this link: http://www.lizardislandgfc.asn.au/old_stats/2011/all.htm

7 Oct 2013

We had another solid day in the Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic. 3 Tags went in which puts our tag count to 12. But best of all one of those was a cracker est. 950 lbs.  Kelly Dalling from Black Marlin Fishing Blog took this shot.  Thanks!  You can follow the action twitter  http://twitter.com/#!/blackmarlinblog and http://www.blackmarlinfishingblog.com/

5 Oct 2013

5 fish from 5 including one at 900lbs. A big day

29 Dec 2012

Here is the final clip from our marlin season. It seems the best

was saved for last as this 700lb Black Marlin caught by Asakri's

owner Shane, put on perhaps the best show of our whole 2012

black marlin season, enjoy!

10 Dec 2012

 The Askari has finally reached its black marlin season finale,

here are some of the highlights form our final charter with the owner. 

6 Dec 2012

The Fish weren't too big but they put on a great show!

This is the second highlight from our ten day trip with P.C, Jeff, John and Gordon.

4 Dec 2012

Here are two marlin caught by Askari regular P.C and first timer Jeff, who caught a 700lb black marlin,

put on quite a good show too.

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